Who Should Join?

MRNISO members represent the various disciplines involved in sex offender intervention.  We aim to include any professional working in the field of sexual assault:

  • Probation, Parole, and Corrections Officers  
  • Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists 
  • Residential Care Workers 
  • Law Enforcement Officials
  • Polygraphers 
  • Administrators
  • Prosecutors
  • Victim Advocates

Member Benefits

  • 1 Year Membership  (beginning May 1st through April 30th of each calender year)
  • Reduced Fees at the MRNISO Conferences  
  • Cross-training  and Networking with Multi-Disciplinary Professionals with Common Goals 
  • Newsletter Subscription  
  • Continuing Education Credits  

Membership Fees

Click here:

MRNISO Membership-Application

Individual Membership   $25  (2018-2019) 
Sorry, Agency/Organization Memberships are not available at this time